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Administration of Blood Products

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Packed red blood cells have been prescribed for a female client with a hemoglobin level of 7.6 g/dL (76 mmol/L) and a hematocrit level of 30% (0.30). The nurse takes the client’s temperature before hanging the blood transfusion and records 100.6 °F (38.1 °C) orally. Which action should the nurse take?

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A client receiving a transfusion of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) begins to vomit. The client’s blood pressure is 90/50 mm Hg from a baseline of 125/78 mm Hg. The client’s temperature is 100.8 °F  (38.2 °C) orally from a baseline of 99.2 °F(37.3 °C) orally. The nurse determines that the client may be experiencing which complication of a blood transfusion?

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The nurse has received a prescription to transfuse a client with a unit of packed red blood cells. Before explaining the procedure to the client, the nurse should ask which initial question?

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The nurse determines that a client is having a transfusion reaction. After the nurse stops the transfusion, which action should be taken next?

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A client has received a transfusion of platelets. The
nurse evaluates that the client is benefiting most
from this therapy if the client exhibits which

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Maternity Nursing

When assessing the newborn’s mouth, look for
the presence of thrush (Candida albicans), which
are white patchy areas on the tongue or gums that
cannot be removed with a washcloth; these may be

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The postpartum nurse is providing instructions to
the mother of a newborn with hyperbilirubinemia
who is being breast-fed. The nurse should provide
which instruction to the mother?

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The mother of a newborn calls the clinic and
reports that when cleaning the umbilical cord,
she noticed that the cord was moist and that discharge
was present. What is the most appropriate
nursing instruction for this mother?

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The nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
receives a telephone call to prepare for the admission
of a 43-week gestation newborn with Apgar
scores of 1 and 4. In planning for admission of this
newborn, what is the nurse’s h ighest priority?

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The nurse is assessing a newborn after circumcision
and notes that the circumcised area is red with a
small amount of bloody drainage. Which nursing
action is most appropriate?

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The nurse in a newborn nursery is monitoring a
preterm newborn for respiratory distress syndrome.
Which assessment findings should alert
the nurse to the possibility of this syndrome?
Select all that apply.

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The nurse assisted with the birth of a newborn.
Which nursing action is most effective in preventing
heat loss by evaporation?

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